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Welcome to our Press & Media Center.  You will find all of our press and media products here, including news, information about our upcoming events, social media and e-mail newsletter mailing lists, and archives of our press releases and other media products.  You can access details on our next event here. You can also access our press & media archives here.  If any of your questions or inquiries are not answered below, feel free to contact us directly with your question or inquiry here.  

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News & Upcoming Events

Below is a list of our most recent press releases for news and upcoming events.  These press releases appear in ascending chronological order, but always has our next event listed first, which is also featured on our Event Page here.


  • Catherine Schuller partners with hiTechMODA for NYFW S/S 2018 - Press Release

  • Catherine Schuller partners with BK Style Foundation for Fashion Week Brooklyn in April 2018 - Press Release

  • "Runway the Real Way" Marks Milestone with M.U.D. in September 2017- Press Release

  • "Runway the Real Way" Partners with Glance in September 2017 - Press Release

  • "Runway the Real Way" Returns to Yotel in September 2017 - Press Release

  • "Runway the Real Way" Launches New Website in April 2017 - Press Release

Press & Media Archives

Our press & media archives contain all past press releases and photographs from our past events.  You can access our archives here.