Jackson Sturkey

Production Coordinator


Jackson Sturkey is Production Coordinator for "Runway the Real Way."


Jackson Sturkey is a Singer/Songwriter, Actor and Artist who has been working with Runway the Real way for a little over 2 years.  He is often found down in the East Village playing ukulele and working on shows such as Sir Century and the Starling Darling, The Took and Jackson Sturkey Variety show, Tapioca, Radical Vaudeville, and more. When not scouting Brunch locations, he is working as a Producer on the psychedelic music show Not Your Grandmother’s Acid.

The inclusivity and importance placed on Diversity drew him to Runway the Real Way. Runway the Real way is a platform that allows new and foreword thinking talent and designers to showcase their work in NYC. Jackson Sturkey is found on the day of the shows setting up and helping things run. He hope you come and join the family of Runway the Real Way.